Tree Work

Our expert services include:

Tree felling & dismantling

Sometimes trees need to be completely removed if they are dead, dying, dangerous or their roots are affecting nearby structures. They can be felled in various ways, a straight fell where space permits and no damage or injury will occur, climbed and dismantled felling out smaller sections if space is restricted and climbed and dismantled using rigging usually when there is one or more obstacles preventing other methods i.e. fencing, garden structures and buildings.

Crown reduction

To reduce the overall height and spread of the crown of a tree. If a tree has outgrown its area, become too dominant or is encroaching on buildings or boundary lines this could be an option. This will reduce the overall size but the tree will retain its shape.

Crown thinning

This involves the pruning of selected limbs within the crown. Taking out any crossed or dead branches as well. This makes the crown of the tree less dense but it retains its overall height and spread. A good way to let more light pass through the crown without causing as much distress to the tree as some other methods.

Crown lifting

This is the removal of the lower limbs of a tree usually to a specified height. This can be for many reasons, to give clearance for vehicles/pedestrians, clearance from buildings, to rebalance the crown. This is also a good option to increase light levels.


Usually this is a safety precaution. Limbs or branches naturally die in trees and will fall of their own accord possibly causing damage to property or injury. This is the removal of these limbs/ branches in a safe and controlled manner.


Quite an extreme reduction almost completely removing the crown or a tree. It is cut back to the main stem system leaving no leaf coverage. This is not recommended for all species of tree. Once a pollard has been done the tree will need regular work to maintain it.

Hedge cutting

Whether its a heavy reduction in height to reestablish a more manageable hedge line or an annual trim to keep the hedge tidy we can discuss what you needs are regarding hedges.

Wind blown clearance

Sometimes trees suffer wind damage which can completely up root the entire tree or cause limbs to split , crack or completely snap of. This is the clearance of anything which poses a health and safety risk i.e. a wind blown tree is being propped by an adjacent tree or a snapped limb is hung up in another tree.

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